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Monday, February 06, 2006

Next on LOST

Re-Runs Scheduled for the Summer. LOST will return in the Fall Season.

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LOST: Show Info.

The multiple Emmy Award-winning Lost returns for a second season of action-packed mystery and adventure that will continue to bring out the very best and the very worst in the people who are lost.

After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a Pacific island, its survivors were forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to survive. But they discovered that the island holds many secrets, including the intense howls of a mysterious creature stalking the jungle, as well as a polar bear, a marooned and possibly crazy French woman, a mystical boar, a mysterious group known only as "The Others," a ship called The Black Rock and... a hatch.

This season, Jack's mistrust of Locke will grow, as he continues to question his motives and obsession in uncovering the secrets of the mysterious hatch. The fates of Sawyer, Michael and Jin will be revealed after their raft was blown out of the water by "The Others" - who at the end of last season kidnapped Michael's son, Walt. Sun will become less dependent on husband Jin and more autonomous, as she wonders whether he is still alive. Kate's back-story life as a fugitive will continue to be explored. Charlie will become even closer with Claire and her baby, Aaron, but the stash of drugs he found in a statue could seduce him back to a dark life of addiction. The cursed numbers that turned Hurley's life upside down before the crash will continue to haunt him as he begins to uncover their meaning. Shannon will decide where Sayid fits in her life while she continues to grieve over the death of her brother, Boone, and develops a growing sense of unease about the raft passengers and their fate. In addition, we discover that there is at least one more previously unknown survivor of the crash of flight #815 - Ana-Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez, Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious) -- the mysterious woman Jack met at the Sydney airport bar. And Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz) joins the cast as a resident of the island whose story is one of the mysteries that will be explored as the season progresses.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006


New Shows, Fewer 'Lost' Repeats on ABC
By Gary Levin

(May 16) -- ABC will unveil 11 new series to advertisers today as it seeks to rebuild its comedy lineup and expand its stable of hit dramas Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Lost. Biggest change for viewers: Anatomy's move to a new night (possibly Thursday) so it can be used to launch a new series.

Lost fans will find fewer repeats interrupting its intricate mystery: Original episodes will be clustered in longer chunks after an October start. Housewives remains on Sundays at 9, and Dancing with the Stars gets its first fall berth but will also switch nights.

Yet none of the new scripted series introduced last fall will be back, including Commander in Chief, Invasion and Freddie. Hope & Faith is also a goner, leaving According to Jim and George Lopez as the network's only returning comedies.

Spring tryout What About Brian, from Lost producer J.J. Abrams, will return, and the Mission: Impossible III director has a third show in the lineup: Six Degrees, about interconnected lives of New Yorkers.

In contrast with past years, when the focus has been on fall schedules, ABC — like NBC — is unveiling most of next year's new shows at once, and will gradually sprinkle them over the course of the season.

ABC also needs more programming come September after the loss of Monday Night Football.

•Dramas. In addition to Degrees, ABC has Brothers & Sisters, a family soap starring Ally McBeal's Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under); Men in Trees, starring Anne Heche as a shrink who moves to Alaska, where she's surrounded by eligible men; The Traveler, a thriller about two grad students framed as terrorists in a national security emergency; Ugly Betty, about a homely girl hired at a fashion magazine; The Nine, about another group of strangers — freed bank-robbery hostages — from Without a Trace creator Hank Steinberg; and Day Break, an action thriller starring Taye Diggs as a cop on the lam who is framed for murder.

•Comedies.Let's Rob ... stars Donal Logue as leader of a group of blue-collar guys who try to rob Mick Jagger, who will occasionally appear; Big Day, a series built entirely around a young couple's wedding day; Notes from the Underbelly, centering on expectant parents; In Case of Emergency, with four high school pals who unexpectedly reunite as each faces a crossroads; and Help Me Help You, starring Cheers' Ted Danson as a group-therapy shrink.

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